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Hello, I'm new, not to the LJ world though. I stumbled apon this community due to a project that i am currently working on. And since i'm trying to get input from people i know and i don't know. please fill this out.

Soooo, yes i do sing. Outloud. Wherever. Whenever. In the car, my room, the middle of classes. It doesn't matter to me. I think this is what theater does to you....


Survey…. Please pass this around to techies, directors, actors, producers and the general public


Number of Shows worked on:

Normal position within the show ( stage manager, actor, audience member, etc.):

Number of shows seen (ballpark):

How many shows do you think, that you've seen or heard of, contain material that you do not agree with?


If so, which shows were they?


What was it exactly that you didn't agree with? Offensive words, explicit choreography, realations within the production, etc.


Do you feel that theatre should be censored?


If so, how?

Why or why not do you think theatre should be censored?

Have you ever been in/to a show that was deemed "controversial"?




Personal Stories:

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